I think it is safe to say that video production is one of the most powerful and influential ways of getting your message across. Surely this is one of the best investments a business can make to grow a business? So what is the power of video and how does one achieve this?

1. What sort of business are you?

It is important that you determine what sort of business you are or want to be and what message you are trying to convey as it will lead to the overall impression of the business and brand. In your message you are trying to create an image that will be associated with the brand and business such as ‘quality’ or ‘value’. You can then use this to start creating a reputation for your business.

2. Usefulness vs Text

This is where you will probably get some resistance from your SEO team as sacrificing for a video means that you lose those keywords your SEO team is desperately trying to exploit. That is why I would suggest to meet halfway. Include text with your video, but as extra information! This is so viewers can follow up on what they just saw. We commonly see this on YouTube where users include follow up information and links in the description tab. This way you get to keep your SEO and also aid in your video’s discovery since the text and video are on the same page!

3. Finding the Right Video Production Agency.

Since this is the start and/or the emphasis of your business or brand it is important that you select a video production agency that will create the right first impression. They will consult in what exactly you are trying to convey in your message and find the best and creative way to convey the message. Remember that it is crucial to come across as professional so your video production should do the same!

4. Video Advertising.

Usually this is seen as very expensive and sometimes unnecessary. I personally disagree. When it comes to internet shopping you are not there to personally handle the product so having a demonstration or real life situation is a fantastic method to inspire confidence in your product. This is especially prominent for technological products as you cannot fully see the potential of a product by looking at a picture of it or reading a description.

Another aspect to consider is the possibility of a viral video. This is possibly the best advertisement you can get. There are a lot of video production agencies that put a lot of time and effort into finding new ways of creating a viral video. This is also something that is now taught at universities. Sadly however there is not really a formula for a viral video as they depend on people’s reactions. However a well designed video can certainly generate a lot of views and exposure which has the possibility to turn a local business into a global one!

5. Advantages and Disadvantages.

Well this is quite simple, videos are fun, simple and less daunting to viewers and their presence on a website usually indicate a bit of effort and intuitive web design so I see no reason why a video can’t be included. YouTube videos can be embedded easily and having it on YouTube means it can be shared as well especially via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

For the disadvantages it is hard to say as there is usually a stronger counter argument for it, for example: “Investing in professional video production is too expensive” can be counter-argued with “Professional video production creates exposure, advertising and discovery of your business and brand which if taken advantage of can see a rapid return of the investment”.

So in conclusion investing in a corporate video production can only be good for a business as it improves the user experience and gets your message across in a less laborious manner and it will probably be better remembered too!