The DO’s and DONT’s with a website

The internet as you and I well know never sleeps, this provides a massive opportunity for your business to sell to potential customers 24 hours a day!

Below I am going to explain a few DO’s and DONT’s with your website.

DO’s and DONT’s

If you don’t already have a website, get out and buy one NOW. But please take bit of time choosing the best website designer for you, ask your web designer important questions such as examples of websites they have produced before, make it absolutely clear there are no hidden costs and how much any further development/ changes to your website will cost.Please feel free to contact for friendly advice, help and tips

Tell the world about your website, it may sound obvious but a lot of people buy a website and don’t tell anyone about it. This stands for anything in business you need to let the world know what great products or services you have and identify how they can be of great benefit to the customer.

Add your website address to your:

  • Business Cards
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Adverts
  • Signs at work or you work vehicle’s
  • Your Work Letters
  • Voicemail

Your potential customer has come to your website for a number of reasons;from a recommendation, they found you on Google, a marketing campaign, directories or many other possible avenues. So when that customer has a clear interest in some way or another in what your business has to offer, make the website easy for them to use, read and navigate around. The number of websites I see that are just so difficult to use, is incredible. Neat and Clean is essential to win business. At the end of the day customers will judge your business by your website. What does your website say about you?

Make your website interesting, keep it easy on the eye, clear and concise. But engage the customer. You can do this by adding pictures, video, news/blog’s, games or any other interactive and engaging platforms that you can think of.

Quality is essential, put as much quality information as you can onto your site, but don’t fall into the ways of adding loads of pointless content. Customers will get bored and leave.

The average person spends 7 seconds on a website before continuing to to surf the web. Think…Does your website engage the customer in seven seconds and keep them there???


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