Fleur De Lys Bridal

Fleur De Lys Bridal

Fleur De Lys Bridal’s website really was a wonderful one to create. We used all the tools at our disposal to emulate the beauty and craftsmanship that is at the heart of what Fleur De Lys Bridal do. Established in 2008 Fleur De Lys are an independant business that is completely family owned and run. They are well and truly committed to making sure that every single bride has the best possible experience! A vision that we here at Universal Web Design can only but respect. As we are also committed to making sure that every single one of our customers have the best experience with us that they possibly can! It truly was a wonderful experience working with Fleur De Lys Bridal and we sincerely hope that we will be able to working with them again in the future! Our fingers are crossed.

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They have a vast range of beautiful dresses to choose from. Including but of course not limited to: vintage dresses, classics, modern and abstract! Fleur De Lys have a professional team of bridal consultants that are guaranteed. So if you have been searching for the perfect supplier of wedding dresses then look no further than Fleur De Lys! We know that you won’t be disappointed. They also offer VIP bridal appointments to any and all!

Fleur De Lys’s boutique is so quaint and lovely we really cannot recommend it enough. It is obvious that they have worked long and hard to cultivate an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. They understand what women want when they are choosing their wedding dress – an air of romance tinged with excitement! We are now really pleased to say that their website matches their store! 

Fleur - Fleur De Lys Bridal