Construction Website Design

Nevill Developments is a Colchester based development company developing residential, retail and commercial property throughout London and East Anglia. Nevill Developments prides themselves on being renowned for high build quality and for being completed on time. So if you need a project done by industry expert then Nevill Developments are the people to get in contact with. Nevill Developments have also featured in several newspapers and on BBC2. Nevill Developments has recently had a website designed for them by Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency providing web design in Colchester though affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services which help businesses reach their true potential and gives them a wider and more appealing access to potential clients.

The Nevill Developments website itself is a simple blend of blue and white while maintaining a high professional appearance.  The navigation bar at the top would allow any new visitor unfamiliar with Nevill Developments to quickly familiarise themselves with Nevill Developments and their works. This is achieved through sections like their “about us” section and also their “past projects”. They also have a “testimonials” section that features on the right hand side of the webpage constantly so that people are constantly reminded of the good feedback and also inspire confidence in the service from anywhere on the webpage. This is a very good feature incorporated by Universal Web Design that reinforces the appealing they wish to give a business.

Nevill Developments also has a section where you can view some of their projects in their “gallery”. This will give potential clients a good indication of the level of build quality and some examples of completed work. There are also more examples in the “past projects” tab where Universal Web Design has created an embedded YouTube video of some of their completed projects. This is an excellent example of Universal Web Design’s video production service too as being one of the leading choices for video production in Essex.

Once you have looked at Nevill Developments’ web page long enough you would surely be impressed by the quality of work seen from examples from the gallery and other past projects that maybe you would like one yourself? Therefore Universal Web Design has included a “property for sale” section where you can view some of Nevill Developments’ properties on the market.

Nevill Developments’ website is simple and easy to use but still has a very professional appeal to it. The incorporation of images and video to compliment the designs and built gives customers a far greater impression of the quality of work and would increase consumer confidence as well as securing a client. Nevill Developments’ website is an example Universal Web Design’s affordable small business website design packages. When searching for website design in Colchester; Universal Web Design’s affordable web design packages and search engine optimisation services is one of the leading services to make any business more accessible and attractive to its target market but also create a captivating first impression. Especially because that is the sort of features that will live up to the quality of the business and leave customers impressed with professionalism and effortless usability of your website.