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For many years, it has been a business owners dream to be able to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of prospective customers as and when they want for free. This time came a few years ago when social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest became everyone’s daily interest with millions of customers accessing the sites every day ready to become engaged!

There has been various success stories from business both small and large and any business that sells to people will agree that there is no greater way of reaching new audiences and spreading the word about your business far and wide.

At Universal Web Design, we understand that businesses want to be social and have a welcome presence online so that customers know who they are and feel confident and comfortable in doing business with you.

This said, we also appreciate that social media might be rather new to you, that there might not be an expert in-house or time to delegate to this essential marketing activity. Hence our service offering of social media management.

As with all relatively new services, it can take a prompt for people to take action. Particularly in an area that businesses may not know as much about such as social media marketing and this is why we offer businesses a free 7 day trial of our social media management services to experience social media for their business at no cost.

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