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For many years, it has been a business owners dream to be able to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of prospective customers as and when they want for free. This time came several years ago when Google made it clear to all businesses that web pages were to be ranked and ordered based on the relevance of the web page in relation to the user’s search query.

Subsequently, many very successful businesses have utilised this opportunity by employing the services of a digital marketing company such as Universal Web Design to produce new, fresh, search query specific, perfectly optimised web content which will help guide ready to buy customers to your website.

An increase in Google traffic to your website and quality enquiries coming through to you online is often achieved through intelligently worded content in blog posts which is both educational and informative yet geared to increase sales and or enquiries.

Furthermore, blog posts are also very beneficial for other marketing activities which tie into areas such as social media and email marketing in addition to search engine optimisation (SEO). Overall, blogging is a marketing activity all businesses should invest time and or money into as it is valuable for attracting quality customers in addition to optimising the performance of your marketing activities.

Overall, blogging is very beneficial and as we are aware that you as a business owner or marketing manager are often too busy to invest your time or have the expertise required to excel in this area of online marketing, hence our desire and efforts invested into helping you and your business.

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