Meet The Team

At Universal Web Design, we invest our time and efforts into not only recruiting the best team members to join our company but also into personal and team development on an ongoing basis. All customer feedback is shared and acted upon within our team to ensure we are all aware of your requirements and preferences at all times. As a client, you should see our team as an extension of your own who manage the online marketing for your business and by working with us you can be assured to benefit from the best results for your business.

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Danny Nevill

Managing Director

Danny Nevill is our multi-award winning managing director and entrepreneur. Danny is a perfectionist that continuously raises the standards of our company on an ongoing basis. Being second best is not an option for Danny and he will not allow any team member to consider being anything other than number one in our industry. Danny has big ambitions to grow and develop Universal Web Design into the leading digital marketing agency in Essex by providing outstanding services and incredible results on a consistent and fluent basis. As a business owner, you can be assured that your marketing department is being led by a leader in our industry and working with a company that is constantly striving for perfection for you our clients.


Cristina Ignat

Finance Manager

Cristina is our finance manager who speaks four languages and constantly strives for perfection. Cristina not only manages the accounts, book-keeping and financial planning for the company, she is also responsible for managing her team of credit controllers. Cristina excels in financial forecasting, finance modeling, accounts monitoring, financial planning and stress testing the business at all times to ensure the company is moving from strength to strength on a constant, sustainable basis as sustainability forms the basis for all financial decisions. Cristina is also responsible for monitoring the performance of team members on a personal basis as well as on a per team basis to ensure we all as a team help, support and grow together as a strong team with no weaknesses.


Ross Conlon

Business Development Manager

Ross is the Business Development Manager at UWD and is the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts, a successful business development manager is a highly-prized asset to any company. Ross’ charismatic and caring nature has seen him already have a successful career in the Sales industry, he is a true people person relating to the client with a good business sense and a deep understanding of what you require from the team at UWD. Ross also loves networking and enjoys presenting and public speaking at Nexus Networking Group, where he is making a name for himself as a reputable salesman who has your best interests at heart. Using the selling, negotiating and project management skills he has, Ross is a very important member of the team and we’re glad to have him on board at UWD.


Mihai Patrascanu

Web Developer

Mihai is our most experienced team member who originates from Romania – he is the to go man about anything to do with Website builds and developments. He has the ability to ensure that your website looks crisp and performs to it’s capabilities within the online world. Mihai loves modern technology, he creates excellent corporate videos for our clients at UWD.  Mihai enjoys working on a variety of projects and has a passion for working with exciting businesses and clients alike. His vast knowledge and experience within the industry of online and video industry, ensures you’re in the right hands.


Lee Lewis

Web Designer

Lee is a web design specialist at Universal Web Design, he is responsible for ensuring that your online presence is slick and sharp at all times. Lee works with a number of clients, designing bespoke and attractive and responsive sites with consummate ease. Lee is commercially driven with his design capabilities to ensure clear messages and obvious call to actions are visible to your customers in logical locations, including an easy to use process throughout any website he produces. Lee is highly thought of at UWD with his talents impressing our satisfied customers time and time again.

Alexander Bright

Web Designer

Alexander is also a Web Designer at Universal Web Design, who enjoys working for great companies and producing an excellent website at their request. Alexander loves to produce high-quality websites that not only look great, but also make it easy for customers to navigate through. Alexander has learnt alot since joining the company, with big aspirations to become a well known developer in the industry. His design eye for detail is able to capture your target audience and stand out from your competitors – our developers at UWD possess great young talent waiting for you to benefit from!

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Mark Tuxford

Online Marketing Manager

Mark is as an excellent content and blog writer, his previous industry experience include titles such as BBC Sport and TalkSPORT. He also currently reports on Football League matches for The Essex Daily Gazette, where he regularly features in the paper. Mark is also a trained Journalist who is also active with regular Twitter and Social Media updates. Mark manages client accounts, producing excellent written content in the shape of Business Blogs, Email Marketing and Website Content. His passion for writing and overall experience make him a perfect fit to handle all types of business content needed for new and existing clients here at UWD.


Georgia Cocks

Online Marketing Manager

Georgia is our Social Media and Email Marketing whizz with tons of facts, stats, tips and tricks on how to get the most from social media and your promotional emails for commercial purposes. Georgia manages social media updates, using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to promote businesses in a wide range of industries. Georgia is able to adapt her writing style, message and tone accordingly to the client’s target market, industry, size and overall aim on their online platforms. Georgia also designs our client’s email templates through her excellent design eye, enabling you to catch your customer’s eye in their inbox. In a nutshell, she helps businesses generate more sales and enquiries for businesses effectively online!